Our Honorary Officers & Trustees ...

Mr Keith Cadwallader - Chair & Trustee
e-mail: chairman@midlands-ia.org.uk

Mrs Lorraine Cadwallader - Editor & Trustee
e-mail: editor@midlands-ia.org.uk

Mr Bob Alcock - Vice Chair / Advertising Co-ordinator & Trustee
e-mail: vicechairman@midlands-ia.org.uk

Mr Paul Pyrah - Florence Minnie Lees Sub-committee Secretary
(for grant applications), Minute Secretary and Trustee
e-mail: grants@midlands-ia.org.uk

Mr Derek Lawton - Treasurer & Trustee
e-mail: treasurer@midlands-ia.org.uk

Mr Neil Crozier - Florence Minnie Lees
Sub-committee Chair and Trustee
e-mail: neil.crozier18@gmail.com

Mr Michael Jameson - Trustee
e-mail: mwgjameson@hotmail.co.uk

Mrs Patricia Peacock - Trustee
e-mail: secretary@midlands-ia.org.uk